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Fountain Info & Maintenance

Policies for delivery and set-up

Policies for delivery and Set-up

Preserving your Investment, Helpful Hints and Troubleshooting tips

What material are your fountains and statues made of?
  • Our fountains and statues are made of fine quality concrete and stained, painted or washed with natural earth-tone colors. Unlike statues made of Plaster-of-Paris, which will disintegrate in a short time when exposed to the elements, our products are designed to be both durable and attractive in your garden.
Will I need to install special plumbing for my new fountain?
  • No, all of our fountains use recirculating pumps. However, you do need a 110v GFCI outlet within 10ft to plug the pump into (please ask a sales person the best place to install your electrical plug in box). All you need to do is assemble your fountain, fill it with water, plug in the pump, and enjoy!
Do I need to pour a concrete pad for my fountain?
  • It may not always be necessary, it depends on the style of the fountain and the stability of the ground where the fountain is going to be placed (ask salesman for more information). In all cases make sure you place your fountain on a firm, level surface that will remain that way even when it becomes wet from rain or splash.
What if I am loosing an excessive amount of water? How often do I have to fill my fountain?
  • Your fountain may lose water due to evaporation and splash. It may be necessary to add water as much as twice a week or even daily depending on the outdoor temperature and the style of the fountain. Some fountain styles tend to splash more than others, and therefore need to be refilled more often. Many of our customers run a drip irrigation line to their fountain and this will refill it every time they water, automatically! [Just be careful that the drip irrigation does not siphon the water out of the fountain after it is done filling]
  • If you feel that your fountain is loosing an excessive amount of water, you can check for cracks. First fill your fountain to the brim. Do not operate the fountain for 24hrs. If your fountain is leaking, the water level in the fountain will be significantly lower and the ground around the fountain will be wet. Before you begin this test, you should turn off any sprinklers around the fountain as not to confuse the area’s wetness. If no moisture, do you have pets? You could very well be loosing water due to thirsty pets.
Can I put my fountain indoors?
  • Due to splashing and possible water damage, all of our fountains are intended for outdoor use only.
How do I keep the water in my fountain clean?
  • The water in your fountain will turn green due to algae growth. This occurs naturally in all fountains, especially when the weather warms up. Use water treatments such as FOUNTEC, which prevent algae growth. This product, which needs to be applied to the water periodically according to the instructions, is safe for birds, plants or animals, but not for fish.
  • It is not recommended to use chlorine as an algaecide or cleaner. Chlorine can damage your pump and the color of the fountain.
  • For hard water build up which turns the fountain white and scaly we recommend Protec. Ask your salesperson about it.
How often should I clean my fountain?
  • Typically fountains need to be cleaned once a month. This is done by draining the water and scrubbing the fountain with a plastic brush, sponge, or rag. Then fill the fountain back up and add Fountec / Protec.
I've assembled my fountain, put in water, and plugged it in, but it doesn't work. What could be wrong?
  • Is there enough water in the fountain? Many fountains require a full water level to operate.
  • Is the plastic tubing kinked and restricting the water flow?
  • Is electricity available, did the circuit breaker go off? Try plugging it in another outlet.
  • Is there any debris, leaves, mineral buildup, etc. blocking the intake to the pump?
  • Is there an “air lock” in the pump? Plug and unplug the pump several times to clear.
  • NEVER LET THE FOUNTAIN RUN DRY!!! Lack of water will burn out the pump.
Safety Recommendations
  • Excessive weight or pressure on any of the fountain bowls or other sections may cause it to fall.
  • Most fountains have no interlocking parts. They are held together by gravity only. Gluing or cementing parts together is not recommended. You may want to dismantle the parts to service your fountain or move it.
*Fountain Services, Inc. can provide regularly scheduled cleaning, pump change and other services. Please call 909-937-3206
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