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Fountain Services Inc.

Fountain Services Inc. is a company which not only provides the services of picking up, delivering and installing fountains but also cleaning, re-leveling, changing pumps, installing underwater lights and auto fill systems, replacing broken/damaged components and will even restore the finish on your water feature to make it look brand new again. We've been in business for over 30 years and our work shows it. All our work is guaranteed, insured and bonded. We are familiar with ALL fountains brands and models. We have access to all fountain components and extra features. We have delivered setup and serviced thousands of fountains ranging from large commercial water features to small residential water fountains. We pride ourselves in being friendly, professional, punctual and competitively priced. We regularly provide fee quotes.

Home Owners

How long has it been since your fountain was working properly? Does it look unleveled, pump too weak, full of calcium? Have you ever thought of re-leveling it, upgrading the pump, restoring the color finish, maybe adding a few under-water lights, or simply hauling it away? Let Fountain Services Inc. take care of it! Have a party coming up? You want the fountain working but you are just too busy to hassle with it, or are you interested in someone cleaning it and fine-tuning it every month, 6 months, or a year? Let Fountain Services, Inc. take care of it! We truly and honestly enjoy what we do. We are confident we can do a good job for you.

Business Partners

If you're a business looking for fast, reliable, professional installers then look no further. Fountain Services, Inc. is the business partner for you. Fountain Services Inc.'s mission is to make sure your customer enjoys, keeps, and is completely satisfied with their fountain. We believe that by providing an insured and bonded professional service, we can become a valuable asset to your company. We guarantee this. On this our home page, we have special links to business partners we exclusively deliver for.Call us for special discounts and arrangements and your website link can be on this list too!

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